There’s no doubt about it…helping others feels good. And with Kernels by Chrissie Hand-Crafted, Gourmet Popcorn, it tastes great, too! When you team up with us, not only does it generate revenue for your organization, but it does it in a fun, easy, deliciously sharable way that makes everybody feel good.

We are proud to give back to the community and strongly believe that there are many worthwhile causes out there in need of support. As such, we have a variety of fundraising programs to help you meet your fundraising needs. Whether it’s bringing our kettle to your event for live popping, setting up your organization with a promotional code for use in online ordering from our website, or pre-purchasing our gourmet corn with a custom label for your members to sell, we are happy to work with you to customize a program that works for your organization.

The world is full of what we like to call a-maize-ing poppertunities, and together, we can help your organization raise money for its work in the community – deliciously!

Many local community groups have already experienced great success selling Kernels by Chrissie Gourmet Popcorn! Please email for more information about our fundraising activities and how we can help your organization raise money for your cause.