About Kernels by Chrissie

Funny how these things start…

Kernels by Chrissie was started in August, 2011, when my entrepreneurially-minded husband came home and told me he’d bought me a present. I envisioned flowers, tickets to a show or a weekend getaway, so when he told me he’d bought me a kettle for making kettle corn, I thought he must be joking. He wasn’t.

I don’t ever recall specifically stating that I wanted to own a popcorn business, but I’ve been a popcorn fiend as long as I can remember. As a child, Friday night popcorn “parties” at home with the family were a treat and a ritual I always looked forward to. I practically lived on the stuff in college. Once married, I’d always skip dinner on movie date-nights so I could get the big tub at the theater. Once we had children, I frequently made it for them and their friends. And not that namby-pamby microwave stuff. Real “old school” popped-in-oil-on-the-stove kind of popcorn. With real butter.

Kettle corn? I came to know and adore it at the multitude of soccer tournaments in which our kids played. And gourmet popcorn? Absolute heaven!

But make and sell the stuff? I’d never given much serious thought. Until that moment in the garage. Thankfully my husband saw my “inner popcorn artisan” and gave her the nudge she needed. Under the name Catawba Kettle Corn, I began popping at local high school sporting events, farmers markets and seasonal festivals.

Response was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that in November, I sought the assistance of a graphic designer to come up with a logo concept for my new adventure. Over the winter, I researched and studied popcorn and worked on a business plan and recipes.

When Spring came, I was ready to start fresh. Armed with a new name, “Kernels by Chrissie” made its debut at the North Union Farmers Market at Crocker Park in April, 2012.

It’s been an exciting year filled with what we call a-maize-ing pop-portunities! From a multitude of farmers markets and music festivals to several successful fundraisers, festivals and sporting tournaments, we’ve been a lot of neat places, met a lot of fabulous people, and made a lot of delicious popcorn!

We believe in going that extra mile literally (with our mobile units) and figuratively (by hand-crafting our flavors in small batches with the finest ingredients available) for our customers!

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